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Basic Information for Salsa Students Who Attend Dance Classes for Beginners

Cuban style salsa, danced in couples is called “Casino”, while when you dance the same type of salsa in a circle made from more than 2 couples then you are already involved in “Rueda de Casino”. If you attend such classes than you are one of the many people who got to feel the social aspect of salsa.

dance classesAs you know salsa dance lessons are not only about learning complicated combinations and competing with the others in your group. It is a social activity, which is fun and is meant to make people smile. LA salsa style is more of a ballroom dance with lots of spinning and clear lines while in Rueda de casino everyone is invited to join. It does not only give you the pleasure of dancing but also the pleasure of meeting many people who love dancing. Cuban salsa is danced in a rotational pattern. So, if you are in a rueda, the partner you are dancing with will change all the time. In most positions the woman stays at one place, while the man rotates around.

Dance classes can give you the beginner level skills you need to participate in social salsa dancing, but the true pleasure comes from visiting salsa parties at local clubs in Rialto, CA, which organize special Latin music evenings.

To join the happy family of Salsa By Nature, you don’t need to call (951) 202-4461 for an appointment or check any salsa videos upfront. Just join a single salsa dance class for beginners, and you will instantly fall in love with this dance. If you don’t have a friend to join you, do not be afraid to join by yourself. There are plenty of new friends you can make at our club!